DWYBF Foundation

Our Foundational Model

The Do What You’re Built For Foundation, Inc. (DWYBF) was created to work with nonprofit, for-profit, faith based and educational organizations to address the following needs: systemic, organizational and financial capacity building, parent engagement, fundraising and reentry services programs with an emphasis on self-development and purposeful and directed community re-engagement. We work with the full continuum of educational institutions, businesses, faith based organizations and non-profit organizations to “build communities one project at a time”.

With the completion of the book, we have developed a series of strategies to promote and share the principles of self development, ranging from fundraising activities to training various at-promise populations which utilize research/outcome based programs that incorporate Response to Intervention, Positive School ?Wide Behavior Support Programs, Parental Engagement and a Leadership Coaching model. This sounds like a mouthful and when you review the outline this model provides for a comprehensive approach to address the complex needs of our multi-faceted communities, particularly those confront persistently dangerous environments.

Our research has found that there are many struggling community-based organizations under pressure to improve fundraising, capacity building and performance. However, these organizations often lack the necessary resources and skills to improve their organizational performance and quality of programming. DWYBF believes that by offering the necessary support to these individuals and organizations and by building a strong support network, positive changes will occur to combat and solve many of the community’s problems. Our goals and objectives are based on the principles of social entrepreneurship. In creating a coalition of various service based programs, we have combined social purpose and business acumen to exemplify a new breed: social entrepreneurship.

As social entrepreneurs we are individuals with innovative solutions to society’s most pressing social problems. DWYBF is made up of individuals who are ambitious and persistent, tackling major social issues and offering new ideas for wide-scale change. Rather than leaving the sole responsibility of problem solving our societal needs to the government or business sectors, DWYBF supports organizations with identifying and creating effective solutions by revamping systems, spreading infectious solutions, and persuading communities to leap into a paradigm shift.  In support of our mission to build communities, one project at a time, we will provide:

1) Response to Intervention (RTI) Training
DWYBF parent engagement program ? purpose is to provide support to parents by giving them a space to download thoughts and feelings about school and student related issues and directing this energy and information through a strategic planning process to develop a positive school-wide behavior support plan that stimulates the creation of a school community focused on caring and accountability for students, parents, teachers and administrators.

2) Re-entry services
DWYBF will provide program development, program evaluation, assessment, direct service interventions which include; assessment, counseling, organizational consultation and coaching services. Supported by a dedicated and dynamic team, DWYBF has the experience and expertise to effectively evaluate ex-offenders. In working with ex-offenders, we will craft a comprehensive re-entry evaluation, intense life skills therapy, six-month life coaching program and an integrative case management model that provides step-down services and after-care programming.

3) Faith based community development
Faith based community development programs include multi-cultural, non-denominational groups that organizes and develops activities for Christian Singles and Newly Married (married up to 5 years) adults. Furthermore, our programs give singles and Newly Married adults the opportunity to self-reflect on their lives, strengths, challenges, and attitudes toward self and others.

4) Fundraising activities
The DWYBF Foundation has developed a customized fundraising strategy to engage and cultivate donors for individual giving capital campaign projects. The purpose of offering this fundraising strategy is three-fold. First, the DWYBF Foundation believes that our mission is to use our gifts and talents to benefit and support others in their efforts to serve their communities and change the world. Secondly, the DWYBF Foundation wants to use these philanthropic endeavors to raise awareness about our self-development model. Finally, the DWYBF Foundation wants to model and create experiences which lead to more efficient and effective capital campaigns.

These services will also be accessible to the general public in addition to other nonprofit and for-profit organizations to foster multiple business relationships within the community.

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