School Transformation Initiative Program

The School Transformation Initiative (STI) is an intervention program grounded in the Response To Intervention (RTI) Framework.  The program provides support to schools in the following areas: school culture reform; parent engagement; student engagement; leadership coaching and development; school-wide effective behavior plans; RTI system development and implementation that focus on academic and behavioral interventions; Student Service Plan development and implementation; remediation of persistently dangerous schools and community engagement.

Through the use of a multi-level consultation model that addresses school-based systems – Administration; Teachers; Support Staff; Parents; Students and Community Partnerships, STI provides research-based and school-specific program development that targets student engagement: school-wide academic and behavioral interventions, parent training, staff morale and engagement, administrative leadership training development and community partnerships as the keys to a successful school-wide change process.

Finally, tiered-interventions are individually tailored for schools with the expressed purpose of achieving the following results:

  • Increased Student Engagement
  • Increased Parental Engagement
  • Successful Implementation of School-Based Improvement Plans by Teachers and Administrators

Contact us to request detailed program information and to receive a customized solution for your school’s needs.