One Body Network

One Body Network is an evangelical, multi-cultural, non-denominational program that develops and organizes activities for adult Christian singles and the newly married (up to 5 years). We provide an innovative and safe atmosphere in which to foster genuine, healthy relationships and personal fellowship with the aim of assisting those undertaking the mission to rekindle enthusiasm for positive relationship building. Our mission is to guide our participants in the discovery and conquering of their communication, intimacy, trust and dependency issues.  Furthermore, One Body gives these ones the opportunity to reflect on their lives, strengths, challenges, and attitudes toward self and others and learn practical ways to use biblical values in all of their relationships.  The growth will all them to: expand their relationship building skills, refresh the spirit through engagement and self-development activities and establish an environment for the development of healthy Bible-based relationships.


  • Provides an opportunity for Christian Singles and Newly Married adults to fellowship across denomination, race and geographic region for a complete calendar year
  • Provides continuity with program development and supports to existing ministries such as: Singles; Outreach; Young Adult; Young at Heart, Marriage and Parenting ministries within the church by adding capacity to church leadership teams
  • Provides adjunctive marketing support to member churches and individual members which has the potential to  provide additional revenue for partnership church programs and services
  • Provides equal access to programming through shared resources by offering free and subsidized events and activities
  • Provides programming that meets our constituents needs through a continuous needs assessment process while exposing our membership to leading experts in the field
  • Provide fundraising support to partnership church programs, services and individuals through financial contributions and the use of the One Body volunteer service corps

Target Audiences and Focused Goals

Singles Adults, never married: Relationship building; social engagement and self-development activities with the purpose of expanding social supports and social networks.
Singles with children: Self care activities to manage stress; providing opportunities to develop and expand support networks and parent and child…Single Parents, and more… engagement activities.

Newly Married with and without children: Relationship building; expanding social networks and parenting in the context of a new marriage.

Separated: Provide an opportunity to develop and expand their social and support network while in transition; provide an opportunity for emotional and relational recovery and provide training that expands on communication, trust, intimacy and dependency skills.

Divorced: Provide an opportunity for social re-engagement that leads to re-investment in positive relationships; provide an opportunity for emotional recovery that leads to balanced living and provide self-development activities in the areas of communication, intimacy, trust and dependency.

Widowed: Provide support to process grief and grief related issues; provide an opportunity for reconnection through relationship building activities and provide an opportunity to reduce isolation through socialization activities which lead to the development of healthy relationships                .

Contact us to request detailed program information and to receive a customized solution for your organization’s needs.