“In an era when readers are overwhelmed with a cadre of heuristic philosophies, ten-step models, and gimmicky propositions purportedly offering the keys to self-actualization, this book, Do What You’re Built For” offers a refreshing alternative. Rather than looking outward to what society extols as proper, Do what you’re built for challenges us all to look for the answers God has placed within us. The “Do What You’re Built For” model is predicated upon the belief that we are all created in God’s image with a purpose. This innate sense of purpose, rather than a conventional self-help rubric, challenges us to holistically engage in our lives with a sense of vitality and passion. Rather than allowing us to rest with our assumptions, it pushes each of us to evaluate the intrinsic and extrinsic impact of our daily experiences and relationships. In contrast to some postmodern philosophies that question the very meaning of our existence, Do What You’re Built For emphasizes that we each possess the tools to craft the purposeful life that we desire. Through simple vignettes and timeless metaphors, “Do What You’re Built For” successfully transforms our thinking from a self-limiting focus on what I see to a God-honoring perspective based on what I believe – with God all things are possible.”
— Dr. Harold L. Arnold, Jr. President – Discovering Family International
“Dr. Lee, through sharing personal experiences and insight from an extensive professional background, introduces practical applications towards reaching and maintaining one’s best self. The DWYBF model overlays key considerations from both an internal and external perspective. Individuals from all walks of life can enable themselves to move from comfort zones, and past stretch zones, to Do What You’re Built For. The result is not only continuous self-improvement, but also impacting those around them.”
James S. Carson, CEO Attain Group, LLC
“I was totally captivated from the first page! “Do What You’re Built For” totally surpasses the other self-help books with the realization that our spirituality and relationship with God is how we find out what we are built for and how we get there. This is not a book to put on your shelf after reading, you will refer back to it and pass on the pearls of wisdom to your friends and family. Give this book as a gift, you will change someone’s life!”
“My relationship with you has taught me that I was living a miserable life, having my guard up and blocking opportunities for growth and never really allowing myself to completely open up and experience relationships at their fullest. This “Do What Your Built For” experience has made all the difference”. –Darryl
“Don’t pick this book up unless you are ready to take a long, hard look at yourself and come away the better for it. We all say we want to live out our purpose in life, but few of us ever put feet to that desire and get down to the necessary work to make that happen. Get serious and allow Dr. Lee and Mr. Anderson to help you have a “Do What You’re Built For” experience. You will never be the same.”   
Sharon Norris Elliott – Author, Educator, Editor, Conference Speaker