The Foundation

The DWYBF Foundation

The Do What You’re Built For Foundation, Inc. was created to work with nonprofit, for-profit, faith based and educational organizations to address the following needs: systemic, organizational and financial capacity building, parent engagement, fundraising and reentry services programs with an emphasis on self-development and purposeful and directed community re-engagement. We work with the full continuum of these organizations to “build communities one project at a time”.

DWYBF believes that by offering the necessary support to these individuals and organizations and by building a strong support network, positive changes will occur to combat and solve many of the community’s problems. Our goals and objectives are based on the principles of social entrepreneurship. In creating a coalition of various service based programs, we have combined social purpose and business acumen to exemplify a new breed: social entrepreneurship. Click here to request DWYBF Foundation Information.

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Our Programs

School Transformation Initiative Program

classThe goal of this program is to provide support to schools in need of school culture reform. Grounded in the RTI Framework, the focus of this program is the providing of high-quality instruction and interventions matched to student need; effective progress monitoring and applying child response data to important educational decisions.

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Positive Reentry Program (PReP)

breakfreePReP is designed to synergize existing reentry resources in the Philadelphia Region, combining those working directly with ex-offenders with other progressive institutions that can meet the diverse needs of ex-offenders. We provide individualized attention to those living in and returning to the Philadelphia region with our singular focus being to reduce recidivism, reunite families, and eliminate the many barriers to successful, permanent reintegration to society for those it serves.

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One Body Network

The One Body Network that develops activities for adult Christian singles and the newly married. Our goal is to help them keep or rekindle enthusiasm in all of their interpersonal relationships.

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School Guidance Program

The Do What You’re Built For School Guidance Program, is designed to support school districts in need of positive transformation. The School District of Philadelphia is one such district and DWYBF has submitted a proposal for its program to be implemented to assist the district in achieving the goal of preparing all youth for successful transitions to post-secondary education, careers, and active civic participation by the year 2014.

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One Community at a Time

DWYBF supports organizations with identifying and creating effective solutions to society’s most pressing social problems by revamping systems, spreading infectious solutions, and persuading communities to leap into a paradigm shift. In support of our mission to build communities, one project at a time, we will provide:

  1. School Culture Transformation Initiative
  2. Positive Re-entry Services
  3. One Body Network
  4. Fundraising Activities
  5. Community-Based Development and Technical Assistance

DWYBF provides faith-based and community-based organizations with technical assistance in the following areas: fundraising; program development; strategic planning; resource development and allocation of services and resources. These services are available to the general public as well as non-profit and for-profit organizations to foster mutually beneficial business relationships within the community. DWYBF believes that every organization with grassroots ideas will have an opportunity to transform that idea into a sustainable program with our assistance.

DWYBF Fundraising

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DWYBF Fundraising
The DWYBF Team has developed a unique fundraising strategy to engage and cultivate donors for individual giving and capital campaign projects. We wants to create “win-win” experiences which lead to efficient and effective capital campaigns.