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The DWYBF Team has developed training seminars designed to revive, enhance and stimulate self-development and growth. Our goal is to usher in a season of revival and renewal in our reader’s lives and the DWYBF experience provides just that in three key areas: understanding the power of loving relationships, leadership development and conscious self-development that facilitates the achievement of your God-given potential. Our seminars will provide strategies and guidelines to enhance individual and organizational missions and visions with the specific purpose of strengthening existing systems and programs. We will also be embarking on a Book Tour to spread the DWYBF movement to an even broader audience.

The DWYBF Movement Training Seminars will develop the following topics:

  • Transparent Self-Development: Learn to make a conscious decision to live actively and live your God-given purpose.
  • Effective Leadership is Tempered Zeal: Individuals learn how to start, lead and maintain a movement that will impact the world.
  • Nothing comes naturally; Manufacture successful loving relationships: Individuals discover the importance of support networks, the power of loving relationships with facilitating change and acknowledgment strategies to encourage themselves and others to achieve desired results in their lives.
  • Book Talk Tour: This seminar provides an overview of the “Do What You’re Built For” experience which can be tailored to address specific issues or used as a general tool to engage your organization.

Team DWYBF strongly believes that people everywhere need to be strengthened, encouraged and energized to impact the world at a larger scale. If you are interested in having the DWYBF Team work with your organization, contact us to schedule a training seminar or book talk.

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Our Testimonials

“My relationship with you has taught me that I was living a miserable life, having my guard up and blocking opportunities for growth and never really allowing myself to completely open up and experience relationships at their fullest. This Do-What Your-Built-For experience has made all the difference”. –Darryl
“Don’t pick this book up unless you are ready to take a long, hard look at yourself and come away the better for it. We all say we want to live out our purpose in life, but few of us ever put feet to that desire and get down to the necessary work to make that happen. Get serious and allow Dr. Lee and Mr. Anderson to help you have a Do What You’re Built For experience. You will never be the same.
Sharon Norris Elliott – author, educator, editor, conference speaker
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