Teen Wellness Centers Project

About Us

The Wellness and Recovery Solutions Group (WRSG) is the division responsible for the program. WRSG is affiliated with Do What You’re Built For Foundation (DWYBF). DWYBF is a 501c3 designated organization in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania that provides psychological services to individuals, corporations, non-profits and school-based entities.

How will the Teen Wellness Center support your school?

Our program offers high schools support with referrals, individual and group counseling, trauma-focused recovery services and interventions. In addition to assessment, individual and family interventions, we will engage the entire school community in identifying and addressing its own climate needs.

  • Provide services over the course of a 10-month school year.
  • Summer and weekend hours will be available
  • Most of the interventions are time-limited in nature and are considered short-term treatments.
  • The core services are directed to address the area of:
  • Mental Health Assessments and Evaluations
  • Trauma education, building coping skills to manage stressors,
  • Life and social skills development, in either group or individual therapy sessions.

Primary Outcomes

  • Provide interdisciplinary psychosocial and trauma interventions designed to enhance life skills, social skills and address any emotional, social and or behavioral health issues which currently serve as a barrier to the student's success in school, home or community
  • Decrease in symptoms as evidence by data collected from structured tools
  • Increase rates of compliance with treatment
  • Coordinate and provide resources needed by the student and/or family that support the psychosocial needs and gains made in the classroom (tracking only)
  • Increase school attendance and improve grades (tracking only)

Secondary Outcomes

  • Decrease frequency of behavioral incidents (tracking only)
  • Decrease the number of Office Disciplinary Referrals (tracking only)
  • Decrease the number of Disciplinary Transfers (tracking only)