About the Book

video_trailer_03The Mission

What is self-coaching? Self-coaching relates to the art of self-reflection and action in which you learn strategies that increase your awareness of:

  • How you think
  • How you feel
  • What you do
  • Your God-given purpose.

Next, you take action on your new self-awareness. You do this by: Understanding where you are at – Identifying where you want to go and taking the steps to get there.

Share your transformation with others: You do this by : Building relationships which support your “promised land” experience” and help you impact the world.


The Book

dwybf-bookPrepare for transformation. Prepare for growth. Get ready to thrive! Dream your dreams and see them fulfilled as you read the pages, follow the exercises and leave behind any doubts that you can achieve all you set out for.

You will find in these 13 dynamic chapters the wisdom, knowledge and, courage needed to propel you toward whatever goal you set your mind and heart to! Begin your journey now!

Leg 1- Self-Development

  • Chapter 1 – DWYBF Overview
  • Chapter 2 – Passive Self-Development
  • Chapter 3 – Making a Decision to Change: Self-Acknowledgement
  • Chapter 4 – Infusing Faith (Asking God for Help)
  • Chapter 5 – Discovering Personal Value and Restoration: Using Love as a Tool
  • Chapter 6 – Restoring the Soul: Like-mindedness

Leg 2- Change and Growth

  • Chapter 7 – Reclaiming Power: Personal Responsibility
  • Chapter 8 – Learning, Living, and Sharing: The Learning Curve Moment

Leg 3 – Application – How You Can Impact The World

  • Chapter 9 – Living Your Vision to Impact the World: Personal Journey Experience
  • Chapter 10 – Thinking Big: “S” on my Chest Experience

Leg 4 – Maintenance/Perpetual Maturity

  • Chapter 11 – Stretching: Radical and Abrupt Maturity
  • Chapter 12 – Feeling the Stretch: Perpetual Maturity
  • Chapter 13 – Strategizing to Organize your DWYBF Experience
  • Glossary

The Journey

Leg 1

pic2_2Self-Development: Complete an internal inventory to discover why you have feelings of lack of fulfillment: vital to the transformation process. You then are shown how to become an active participant in your life, making a conscious and physical decision to change. Next is the step of understanding there is a power greater than yourself who can help you during and after your self-development journey. After you make a decision to connect with your higher power, you will likely experience a deep sense of love. After you have identified what a loving relationship is, you will be directed to actively partner with individuals who share common goals.

Leg 2

Change and Growth: On this leg you start to physically make changes in your life, your behaviors, thoughts, emotional responses, and your spiritual life. Welcome to your new destiny! You are moving on from building the foundation of your DWYBF experience and now you are putting it all together.

Leg 3

Application – How You Can Impact The World: Now you are actively walking in your destiny, able to identify situations and experiences that are congruent with Doing What You Are Built For. This is also the “giving back” phase. Build upon your destiny and learn how to affect individuals globally.

Leg 4

pic2_3Maintenance/Perpetual Maturity: In the DWYBF model, maintenance is defined as maturation and perpetual self-development. In the final leg you will learn how to manage the sometimes challenging nature of maturity as it manifests itself through radical experiences, as well as during the perpetual process of self-development.

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